Wandering Wednesday: Central London tube map for craftaholics

Because I can’t get out of 90% of tube stations in London, commuting is an even longer and more painful journey than normal. A lot of my time goes into thinking about tube stations and how I can get to Y from a District/ Circle/ Overground tube station. Yay me. Which is why I’ve decided to… Read more »


Top Tuesday: Best Anthropologie Home Hacks

If there was ever a store i could live in, it would definitely be Anthropologie. I love their boho styled interiors and fashion and can always be found browsing their shop on Kings Road. Unfortunately, much as I like the aesthetic, the price is rather too high for me- and I’m not really sure the… Read more »

  • IMG_7827

    Upcycle chopsticks into a Scandinavian style trivet

    I had the world’s best dining table. It cost me less than 10% of the designer price but looked (and functioned!) almost identical. Unfortunately, being too cheap/ broke to buy a trivet, 1 particularly hot stew later, there was a nice round hole in its surface and there went my designer dining room!(I had used marble… Read more »

  • IMG_7562

    No tools, rainbow, pom pom DIY

    One of my favourite things about DIY-ing is seeing how 2 different people can interpret the same theme, or materials, in vastly different ways. Which is 1 of the reasons I love collaborating with my fellow bloggers! So I was really excited when the amazing Emily of Coffee No Filter agreed to work on a… Read more »

  • img_6162

    9 designer DIYs

    Hapiness Wherever No pliers Balmain cuff I think this is my most popular DIY post- so I think that speaks for itself 🙂 Although it’s probably a bit egotistical to start this post with my own work. But, hey, if I don’t promote myself, who will? 😛 My White Idea DIY: Sophie Bille Brahe inspired pearl… Read more »

  • enhanced-23159-1402619890-1

    Best Free People DIYs

    Something new for the blog today with this Free People inspired turban (!) by Gina Michele. How cool is that? And very fitting now that festival season is upon us 🙂       I try to source from a wide range of blogs but Gina Michele’s Free People DIYs are so amazing, I just… Read more »

  • IMG_5280

    Jung Saem Mool Essential Skin Nuder CC SPF 50+ PA+++

    The name of this product is a little confusing. Despite having the word CC in it, it’s not a CC or BB but rather a make-up base that replaces sunblock. I hate having many layers of make up on my face so the fact that we could skip sunscreen was a huge plus for this… Read more »

  • IMG_4966

    MediHeal Hair Steam Pack

      If you’ve ever watched a Korean drama, you’ve seen that all the females leads- even the “ugly” ones (before the transformation)- have amazing hair, so silky it reflects light . Which is why I bought 2 types of hair masks when I was in Seoul over New Year: the cute sheep one by MediHeal you… Read more »

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