Thrifty Thursday: Tom Binns Quotation Earrings Hack

I love quotes. If you follow me on instagram – which you should 😛 Sorry becoming a blogger has made me quite shameless about self-promotion ( you may have noticed that every other picture is accompanied by my take on a famous quote. So what could be more appropriate than these Tom Binns Quotation Mark… Read more »

Top Tuesday: 6 Best Jewelry DIY

Style Hurricane’s plumbing bracelets I’m really digging these plumbing leather bracelets by Style Hurricane. Using hardware in jewellery making is not a new idea, but these bracelets really do look professionally done! Probably not a surprise since Anni designs jewellery for a living 🙂 Which is why this is the only DIY in the round-up… Read more »

  • Visiting 3 Etsy Craft Parties: Brighton, London & Portsmouth

    No man is an island. Or so John Donne says anyway. One thing about working for yourself is that, after taking away all the glitz and glamour of “being your own boss”,  it can be rather isolating (and financially incapacitating!). So I decided to heed the wise words of Mr Donne and signed up for… Read more »

  • Meet Stacey Chapman, whose pet embroidery has caught the eye of Janome & The Handmade Fair

    As an animal lover who once thought of opening a pet weight loss clinic (yes you read that right), I’m always interested in finding out more about different types of pet businesses. And when pets meet crafting, so much the better! I loved finding out more about Stacey Chapman, who published her first art work aged… Read more »

  • Where you can find the coolest craft classes in London: Obby

    As a craft blogger and founder of Makers & Friends, lucky me spends a lot of time looking into & attending craft-y things in London & UK to review for Hapiness Wherever. Among the cool things I’ve tried are carving a silver ring from wax at Drink Shop Do knitting a clutch out of giant merino wool… Read more »

  • 1 step DIY charm ring

    It’s been a while since I posted a DIY so I thought I’d start with something simple but stylish 🙂 Since it’s London Fashion Week at the moment, I decided to make something I can use when I check out the events 🙂 This ring basically takes 1 step to make and the components are… Read more »

  • Hanskin Gold Caviar sheet mask (Firming & Nourishing)

    Hanskin is one of my Korean beauty secrets- or maybe not so secret since I’m posting about it! But it was a brand that wasn’t very popular with my customers when I used to sell Korean skincare. However, people who’d tried it almost all loved it and came back for more!   One of my… Read more »

  • How to get clearer skin in 10 min: Dr Sebagh Skin Perfecting Mask Review

    This is my 6th Dr Sebagh review, so you may be tired of hearing about this brand but, hey, good things must be shared right? 🙂 I previously posted about the Dr Sebagh Deep Exfoliating Mask  and this is the perfect next step in our weekly skincare routine.   According to the Dr Sebagh website, it’s… Read more »

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