I love you NuSKin! 🙂 Haha OK now that’s not sounding very impartial is it? You can probably tell I am extremely excited about being invited to attend my 1st blogger event ever 🙂 But at the same time, I faithfully promise that all my posts/ reviews will be impartial and honest, sponsored or not 🙂

Before I get into the nitty-gritty, I just want to highlight what a pleasure it has been to work with NuSkin: I read about their event on Twitter and contacted them. The lady in charge, Marianne, not only replied promptly but was extremely friendly! Which is in marked contrast to some other brands- understandably, due to the masses of bloggers out there, brands can pick and choose which bloggers they want to work with. However, the least they can do is reply don’t you think? So Nuskin was like a breath of fresh air- their great attitude towards bloggers makes me think that it must feel even more special to be 1 of their customers 🙂
On to my tips 🙂


  • Be thick skinned

At such an early stage, it’s very unlikely that brands will approach you so you have to go out and ask them! I got the invite to NuSKin when I messaged them after seeing their tweet (search for hashtags like #bloggerswanted #prrequest etc) And they said yes! 🙂


  • Think about how to present your stats

Having blogged for about a month, my stats weren’t great but when I showed brands the percentage increase over the weeks, that got them interested! Or maybe you can show them how engaged your audience is? (Number of  comments/ likes you receive as a percentage of views?)



Written by Zen



I have a very delicate skin and used to get winter rashes whenever I visit UK in
winter and spring. Recently I used this in place of e45 and found that it worked
wonders for me.


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