This is a piece that is particularly dear to my heart because, the 1st time I wore it, I received a compliment! 🙂


What you need:

– 2 earring hooks

– 5 jump rings

– 6 large hoops

– 2 tassels

– flat nosed pliers

You should be able to get these supplies from any craft shop. To customise these earrings even further, you can even make your own tassels- they can be pink, green, purple, or even multi-coloured!! (Time to make tassel is NOT included in the 5 minutes :P) I was thinking of doing a DIY tutorial on tassel making but there seem to be quite a few good ones on the web so not sure I could add much value there! Will probably reach out to the various blog owners and compile a list of the available tutorials 🙂


Step 1: Using your flat-nosed pliers, open all the jump rings.


Step 2: Insert the tassel and 1 hoop into the jump ring, then use your pliers to close the jump ring.


Step 3: Insert Step 2 and another hoop into an open jump ring. Close the jump ring. Insert this and another hoop into another open jump ring. Close the jump ring. You now have a tassel followed by 3 golden hoops.

20140720_124829 20140720_124906

Step 4: Use the pliers to open the hoop at the bottom of the earring hook, insert Step 3 in, then close the earring hoop with your pliers.


Don’t you think these earrings would be a great for a night out? I loooove long dangly earrings! 🙂


Written by Zen