The description “Statement necklace” is waaay overused. Do a quick search on Etsy or Pinterest and you’ll find a gazillion examples which don’t seem to make a statement at all! (Or perhaps the author just has a different idea of what “statement” means from me- & the Oxford dictionary!) So I am a bit leery of using that term- although it has been cropping up on this blog quite often lately (too often?!) However, chunky chain jewelry is a particular weakness of mine- and I do think that they do, well, make a simple but effective statement :p

What you need:

– 2.7 m of thick aluminium chain (with 1 cm links). If you cant get such a thick chain, you can substitute it with thinner chains, but you’ll need more of it! E.g. if the link is 0.5 cm, double the length to 5.4m

– 1.5 m of medium sized black chain. By medium i mean the links are 0.5cm but that’s just a rough guide. Basically, just try to use a chain of a visually different size from the silver one- it can be bigger or smaller but the difference provides a nice contrast

– 2 jump rings (silver or black but silver ones are easier to find)

– pliers


Step 1: divide it

Divide the silver chain into 3 equal lengths. If the shop can do it for you, get them to split it for you.

If not, you can do it yourself but links this thick can be difficult to work with- and tough on your nails! So I would suggest just marking out the links which you would have opened if you were splitting it.20140924_101606 20140924_101905

Step 2: ring it

Usee the pliers to open the junp ring and insert it through the 1st link as well as the marked link from Step 1. Close the ring.

Repeat for the other side.


Step 3: divide again

Divide the black chain into 6 equal lengths. Smaller links are easier to manipulate- and it would be more difficult to manipulate a chain into 6 equal lengths without cutting it- so do use your pliers to physically split this chain.20140924_102834 20140924_103053

Step 4: connect it

Use your pliers to open the jump ring from Step 1 and insert the 6 chains through then close it.

In case you are wondering why I said close it in Step 1 then open it now, it’s to make sure you don’t lose the right links- it is very easy to get confused between links when working with chains- they all look similar after all!

And here you go! 🙂 Wrap it around your wrist several times to wear it as a chunky bracelet instead!


I can see myself wearing it with black jeans, the white crop top Luxemme kindly sent me and blank chunky sandals. Sweet! Now I just need to round up the girls for a night out 🙂


For the matching earring, do check out:




white crop top is part of a £35 top & skirt set from http://www.luxemme.com (sponsored), black Armani Exchange jeans (my own), necklace: Hapiness, Wherever DIY

Written by Zen


Judy McKibben

I wish you’d model the necklace. I have a hard time visualizing it from the description. Thanks!
And……fun site!

Hapiness, Everywhere

Aww thanks! 🙂 I really appreciate the feedback 🙂 definitely plan on modelling the pieces and better photography soon (latest 2nd week of Oct- promise!) Haven’t had Internet since I started the blog so working on it has been a bit tricky and still trying to get it up 2 scratch 🙂


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