This was a project I came up with some time back and really like. It s easy to do, fast and looks like it came from a store somewhere 🙂 it even works as a necklace- just use a longer chain 🙂 so enough of singing this project’s praises, and down to what you need:

– 13 cm of gold chain

– rhinstone chain at least 3x as long as the gold chain (minimum 40 cm)

– 2 rhinestone brackets

– 2 jump rings

– about 35 cm of grey ribbon


Step 1:

Place the end of the rhinestone chain in the bracket then tighten it. Repeat with the other side.20140928_125352 20140928_125506

Step 2:

Use the pliers to open the jump ring then slot 1 end of the chain and the rhinestone bracket through.20140928_125547 20140928_125820

Step 3:

In any order you want, wrap the rhinestone round the gold chain and from time to time insert it through the links of the chain. You can also insert it into a loop formed by the rhinestone chain too.

Depending on how you wrap the chains together, the design will be different, which is the beauty of this piece- all of us will come up with something different 🙂


Step 4:

When you have reached the end of the rhinestone chain, end the piece by inserting the bracket and chain through the 2nd jump ring then close tightly.20140928_130321  20140928_130439

Step 5:

Cut the ribbon in half. Insert 1 piece through 1 jump ring and when both ends are even, tie a knot to secure the jump ring. Repeat with the other side.

Written by Zen


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