20140823_165752Yet another project that I wanted to keep for my 365 Days of Designer Inspired DIY (launching in October), but I ran out of DIY tutorials to post whilst on holiday in Marseille! (Bonjour!) Looks like I need to invest in a blogging calendar pronto 😛 (Although, considering I’m in France now (& she’s a French designer), it seems quite apt 🙂 )

Anyway, here’s what you need:

– any coloured cord: I’ve used green cuz that’s what’s in my craft cupboard!

– about 12 silver coloured beads

– don’t be intimidated by my fancy looking wire cutters- you really only need scissors for this project 🙂


Step 1: Cut & thread it

Cut a length of cord about 2.5 times the size of your wrist (can go round your wrist 2.5 times). Then thread all the silver beads onto it.

20140823_16595220140823_170004 20140823_170026

Step 2: Knot it

At less than 1/2 the length of the cord, make a knot in the cord. Push all the beads flush against that knot, then knot the other end too.

Tip: you can skip this step if you don’t mind the silver beads moving around when you wear the bracelet.


Step 3: More knotting

Line the 2 ends of the cord up such that they are parallel to each other, with the ends facing in opposite directions. Take 1 end, then wrap it around the other cord as shown above. Note how the loop starts above the other cord, then you go underneath both cords.

Don’t let go of the end you’re holding! Now insert it into the loop made and tighten. You will get a movable knot, shown below. There may be some excess cord sticking out. Feel free to snip it off, as desired. And if your cord is not no-fray, you can either:

1. use the blue part of a lighter to burn and seal it OR

2. Not fire friendly? Fray Check (or glue) is a nice & easy option)

Now, repeat for the other side. Make a couple of these in different colours, stack them up, and you’ll look like you’ve stepped off an Isabel Marant show 🙂 Tres boho chic 🙂

20140823_170303 20140823_170428

Written by Zen

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