Panier = French for basket.

So what does that have to do with this district? Since it’s named after a 17th century hotel “Le Logis du Panier”, I’m not really sure- unless it references the rich traders who funded Le Panier’s expansion in the 16th-18th centuries! Whatever the significance of its name, Le Panier, the Old(est) Town of Marseille, is undoubtedly one of its nicest neighbourhoods to explore, and my personal favourite! A lot of attention has been paid to its steep cobbled streets and tall, narrow houses- it’s a bit like a labyrinth, really- but I’ve yet to see a post on its amazing collection of Street Art (less romantically named, graffiti :P) Admittedly, I’ve not Googled” Street Art, Le Panier, Marseille” 😛 I’m not typically one for graffiti, but these were so beautiful that I couldn’t resist doing a post on them 🙂 A more typical, tourist- friendly post on Le Panier will follow soon 🙂 I can definitely see this in a contemporary art gallery, couldn’t you? IMG_1294 Hello, grumpy! Aren’t you enjoying the lovely sunny day? IMG_1268 Oooh, look, Mr. Grumpy has a friend!IMG_1283 And another one! 🙂 (This bird is next to the restaurant “Au Coeur de Panier” which has good reviews on Trip Advisor- it can be difficult to find places in this labyrinth so I thought I’d help signpost it 🙂 Sadly I wasn’t able to try it (yet!) as it was closed when I wandered by (5 pm) but the menu looked interesting- camembert, yuuuum 🙂 )IMG_1273Doesn’t this remind you of South America! IMG_1287Spotted in a particularly deserted part of Le Panier- and just a little creepy! IMG_1174 Send your loved ones a (free) postcard from Marseille! IMG_1183 Outside the Concept Store “UnARTground”. Complete with a sign of the tube! Guess they don’t hate the English in this part of France :0 IMG_1288And something that actually looks (a bit) like some art I bought in Prague- ouch! IMG_1253 And our tour ends in Russia?! Anyway, hope you enjoyed this tour of the colourful Le Panier as much as I did 🙂 IMG_1293

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