I promise this is not going to turn into 365 days of Isabel Marant inspired jewellery 😛 Much as I do like her boho-chic pieces 😛 But, for today, it’s another Isabel Marant DIY 🙂 I think the DIY is a dead ringer for the original but you can decide for yourself after viewing the original 🙂





What you need

6 dark coloured diamond crystals. I chose the Swarovski purple AB 4mm crystals here as the purple looks ever so regal against the gold 🙂 And I happened to have some on-hand 😛 (Hey the cost of 365 days of designer DIY supplies does end up coming to quite a bit you know!! :P)

2 gold coloured metal spacers, smooth finish

gold lobster & jump ring

thin gold chain

gold wire (You can actually use 4 eye pins here but I had none so…. improvisation for the sake of my budget again 🙂 ) 20141024_013807 20141024_013831 20141024_013926 Step 2: Cut off 4 pieces of 4-5 cm gold chain. Use the pliers to press 1 end of the gold wire firmly to a 90 degree angle then fold the same (shorter end) over across the 90 degree angle, forming a loop. Slide 1 gold chain into the loop and then close the loop by wrapping the shorter end of the wire around the main end. If there is too much wire on the shorter end, snip the excess off, then use the pliers to tuck the edges against the wire wrap so that it doesn’t scratch you. 20141024_013954 20141024_014216 Step 3: Onto the gold wire, slide 1 crystal, 1 gold spacer then 1 crystal on till they are flush against the loop created in the previous Step. Using the same technique as in Step 2, attach another gold chain onto this end of the gold wire. 20141024_014659Step 4: Repeat Steps 2 and 3 so that you have 2 identical pieces as shown above. 20141024_014746 20141024_014858 20141024_014946 Step 5: Now use the same method as in Step 2 to attach the jump ring to the 2 chains. Then again to attach the lobster clasp to the other ends of the chains. You just saved $100 on this bracelet 🙂 20141024_015145

Written by Zen

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