Day 5 brings us a piece by Bottega Veneta and according to their website, Hapinesswherever just saved you £415! 😛 You can view the real thing here:

Or on my Pinterest board (follow me!!!!):


What you need:

– leather cord (if you want it EXACTLY like the B.V. original, use a plaited leather cord. I’ve just gone with a regular one as I like the colour of this cord 🙂 And plaited cords are slightly more expensive :P)

– black wire (again, to be a real copycat, use a silver wire)

– 15-20 silver beads (use 15 oxidised, slightly bevelled silver beads if you want to test your copying skills :P)

– 2 small jump rings 1 large jump ring, 1 lobster clasp & 2 end-holders (the bits you fasten onto the cord to attach the clasp to) To create an identical B.V, use a magnetic clasp here- and I actually recommend that as it’s so much easier to put on! (But I’ve run out and the bead store is closed 😛 Also trying to make ti through at least the 1st month of 365DDD without buying anything else, since I’ve already spend £xxxx on this series :P)

Supplies readily available at most craft stores. If you want the exact pack I used, happy to get you the supplier for £6 + postage.


Step 1:

Cut a length of cord that goes around your wrist just nicely. Don’t forget to factor in the length of the clasp or the bracelet will be too big!20141025_011619

Step 2:

String all the silver beads onto the black wire. I really don’t think you should need more than 15- I used 16 and I have large bones and like loose jewellery!

20141025_011818 20141025_011853

Step 3:

Wind the end of the wire onto the top of the leather cord (this will go under the end-hook)- use the pliers to flatten it close to the cord. Then wrap the wire around the cord 3 times before placing a bead on top of the cord and wrapping the wire round another 3 times.

Repeat the wrapping 3 times, placing bead, another 3 wraps…. till all the beads are on the bracelet as shown below. Cut off the excess wire and wrap the end close to the top of the leather cord so that it will later be covered by the end-hook.

20141025_012330 20141025_012343 20141025_012446 20141025_012506

Step 4:

Place the end-hook over the end of the cord. Flatten 1 side of the end-hook over the cord, then flatten the other side tightly. Test to make sure the cord is secure. Repeat for the other side.

20141025_012642 20141025_012537 20141025_012603

Step 5:

Open the small jump ring and slide the large jump ring through followed by the end-hook then tighten.

Open the 2nd small jump ring, insert the lobster clasp and end-hook through then tighten.

5 minutes later, you’re £215 pounds richer 🙂 I think wearing a couple on each wrist would look nice. Once I’m done prepping for interviews, I’ll make a few more and do a styled shot 🙂 (Yes i know, promises, promises :P)

20141025_012725 IMG_5056

Doesn’t it look amazing similar to the original?

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 12.27.01

Written by Zen