So, I finally bought the Creme de La Mer facial moisturiser. At £105 for 30 ml at House of Fraser- although I was good and bought it (and the eye cream) from Duty Free 🙂 – I thought about it for (literally) years before taking the plunge. Having hit the big 3-0, I’m willing to up what I pay for skincare (A face lift would cost a lot more :P)

Usually I’d do a little intro to the product, benefits, yada yada yada but with Creme de La Mer, I’m sure we’ve all heard how it was invented by scientist Dr. Max Huber (a physicist no less!) to help cure his burns :)With such a legendary reputation- and such a towering price tag- I am expecting a LOT from this cream.



Before I jumped in, I did investigating.


Here’s what a friend (long-time La Mer supporter) says:

So, I’ve mentioned this friend before- she’s in her 40s but still looks like she’s 20ish. (Seriously, I see 20+ guys hitting on her all the time!) And she credits her amazing skin (partially) to (the original) La Mer, having used it for over 10 years since her 20s. She eventually switched to something else when she noticed it becoming less effective, but as we often hear, most creams lose their effect after using them for 2 years, so I’m pretty impressed by 10!

Apparently, she used it on a deep scar (regularly) and the scar eventually disappeared! (I totally couldn’t tell that she had a scar in that spot.) AND she used it on some melanin spots (sun spots?) and they got lighter too!

Sounds like a miracle product huh? I’m pretty much convinced already!

But it is over a 100 quid after all, so I also spoke to 2 dermatologists in Singapore. (from Niks Clinic)
Dermatologist 1 says (paraphrased):

When the product first came out, it was definitely ahead of its time and it was very good for sensitive/damaged skin. However, now there have been so many improvements in the demonological sphere that she’s not sure if La Mer is superior. But if asked to pick between La Prairie and La Mer- she’s still swayed by the La Mer brand story 🙂


Dermatologist 2: 

It all depends on how suitable the product is for your skin. Price tag/ brand etc doesn’t matter.

Huh. Guess I’ve been wasting my time and money all these years. Dermatologist 2 is a guy by the way 😛 (He also says facials are useless. Lol.)


What I thought:

Nice solid glass jar. (Can’t help it- I love glass packaging, and the really heavy ones just make the product feel more luxe.) Cream has a nice texture, pleasant smell- although it may be too strong for some people (smells a bit like baby powder??).  Used it continuously for 2 weeks but didn’t see any difference or get any compliments so got discouraged and started interchanging it with other creams I had.


After a couple of months, I finished the entire jar. On the plus side, it didn’t make my super sensitive skin break out. And it’s easy to apply- doesn’t need to be specially massaged it, unlike the original. On the minus side, don’t think it did anything besides make me poorer!!!


But I still hold hope. After all, the application procedure is different from the original- if the massage can be skipped, why did they make the original so troublesome??? So when I save up some more, I’m going to give the original a go. (But if that doesn’t do anything for me, I’m done with La Mer :P)

Written by Zen

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