This is actually a guy’s bracelet! I found it on Mr Porter 🙂 But hey I think it looks good on girls too- my take on is to have a couple on each wrist- great for a night out 🙂 Here’s the link to the original:

And omg just realised it’s £260… this DIY probably cost £2.60!!!!! 😛 And takes 2 minutes to do 😛


To save 99% on this bracelet, you’ll need:

– braided leather cord of a length enough to go round your wrist (typically 7,5 inches)

– 2 silver beads (I used 1 but the original has 2)

– set of 2 bail endings (Or to look exactly like the original, use a magnetic clasp- those are easier to fasten too! but pricier :P)

– E6000


Step 1:

Slide the silver bead onto the cord

Step 2:
Apply E6000 to the end of the cord and insert into the hole of the bail. Repeat with the other side, leave to dry.


Written by Zen

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