Doing this 365 Days of Designer Inspired DIY tutorials has certainly expanded my knowledge of designers! 🙂 Probably not the best thing when on a budget 😛 This elegant but simple choker would set me back a neat USD160!

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 19.00.24

Luckily there’s always DIY 🙂

To rock this necklace, you’ll need:

– 60 cm of thick cord, at least 1 cm in width- leather if you can get it but that’s on the rarer side, so thick rope would work too

– Magnetic clasp which can be glued on (Always check that the cord can fit in!)

– what’s soon becoming our best friend in this blogging series, E6000- you can see I love it so much I upgraded to the big bottle 😛






Step 1

Mark out the middle of the bracelet. Knot the cord and when tightening the knot, position it over the centre of the bracelet.

Note: if you are using a soft rope, the knot will not stay in place as it would with a harder material (it would be possible to completely close the knot and form a very small knot, so you might want to glue the big knot in place)



Step 2

Apply glue to the ends of the cord, press on the magnetic clasp and leave to dry.


One final look at the 2 pieces, side-by-side, before I go (yes, I’m patting my own head and marvelling at my cleverness here :P) Can you tell which is which? 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 19.00.24

Written by Zen