20141021_225132Isabel Marant’s boho chic style is totally down my alley- and quite easy to make actually- so you’ll be seeing quite a few Isabel Marant features in this 365 Days of Designer Inspired DIY tutorials series 🙂 Although after doing this tutorial, I may have to take back what I said about “easy” 😛 It took me 3 tries to get it right! (Partly because supplies are limited- not that I’m making excuses :P) So what you need for this project will be:

– 2 pink tassels

– 2 orange tassels (the original piece has yellow tassels but I didn’t have any yellow so I improvised 🙂 I think the effect is still very similar but you can judge for yourself when we are done 🙂 )

– 3 gray tassels

– 7 gold coloured round beads

– 14 silver spacers

– 7 eyepins (I didn’t have eyepins in the oxidised shade so I improvised- again- with headpins 🙂 )

– 8 gray pearls (I switched from the 8 Mother of Pearl beads in the photo above to the grey pearls shown below because the mother of pearl beads were too thick to pass off for the Isabel Marant design 🙂 )

– oxidised chain (try to use one with smaller links if you want it to look as similar to the original as possible. The original one I chose was too thick but luckily I found a smaller one (hence the 2nd version I did :P))

– black wire

– pliers & cutter pliers

20141022_001829 20141022_002212

Step 1:

Cut 8 lengths of chain: 2 7 cm lengths, 2 11 cm and 3 15 cm chains. The last 1 is 40 cm (or 16 inches) – the necklace chain.

20141021_225414 20141021_230113

Step 2:

Slide 1 spacer followed by 1 gold bead then another spacer onto 1 headpin. Use the pliers to form a loop at the top of the headpin, then slide a tassel through before closing it tightly. Repeat this till all the tassels have been linked to the beads.

20141022_002436 20141022_002700 20141022_002721

Step 3:

Now take up the black wire and slide 1 grey pearl followed by 1 chain on so that you start and end with a grey pearl. The chains should be inserted in this order: shortest, medium, longest (3 times), medium and ending with the shortest again.

At 1 end, use the pliers to form a loop such that the end of the wire crosses the main wire (as shown above). Then wrap the end of the wire around the main wire till it’s all gone. If there’s a little bit that sticks out, use the pliers to flatten it close to the main wire.

Repeat this for the other end. (Make sure you form the loop tightly against the pearls such that there is no black wire showing up)

20141021_233234 20141022_002951

Step 4:

Back to the tassels! Use the pliers to form a loop at the top of the beads. Before closing, insert the chain (from Step 3) through then close firmly. Link on the tassels in this order: pink, orange, grey (x3), orange then pink.

You’re done! We’ll do an Isabel Marant bracelet lookalike DIY tutorial soon to complete the look 🙂 To see how this looks versus the real thing, check out the real Isabel Marant necklace here:


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Written by Zen

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