So I was totally lusting over Hermes stuff today and decided to reflect this in “365 Days of Designer Inspired DIY tutorials” by changing the colour of the Givenchy bracelet to Hermes orange. You can see the original bracelet here:


This DIY tutorial is really very, very simple. As long as you have the supplies, and can glue stuff, you’re pretty much set. What you will need is:

– leather strap of about 2 cm in width, of a length to go round your wrist twice (not too snugly)

– 10 to 15 silver studs, depending on your wrist size

– clasp for the leather strap (if you can’t find this type of magnetic clasp, you can also use the ending for multiple strands which is found in many bead shops. I don’t have 1 on hand at the moment, but I’ll post a picture in this tutorial when I have time to pop down to the store.)

– E6000


Step 1:

Apply glue to the base of the stud then press it firmly on to the leather strap, about 2 cm from the end of the strap. Repeat for the studs, with about 2-3 cm in between each stud (vary the distance depending on your wrist size- a smaller distance if you have a smaller wrist, otherwise you won’t have many studs showing!) I did mine freehand but if you like things more precise, use a ruler and a pen to mark out the position of every 2/3 cm to guide your studs.)


Step 2:

Apply glue along the end of the strap then stick the clasp on. Repeat for the other side.

Leave to dry, then wear to show off your “Givenchy” bracelet to friends 😛


OK I have a little confession, it doesn’t look QUITE as nice as the original- because

  1. it’s orange- actually, what’s wrong with being orange? It’s the same shade as the Hermes orange!!
  2. probably more importantly: it’s missing the 2 lines of stitching above and below the studs. I chose to forego those as I don’t think their lack is very obvious when you wear the bracelet, although up close, yes, it is a bit of an eyesore 😛 Secondly, I don’t like to include difficult to find/ rarely used equipment in my tutorials- and I’m not sure we’ll really be using leather thread and needles that soon 😛 If I do think of other tutorials which require it, then yes I will add it on to this one 🙂 Or if you have some at home, feel free to beautify yours! 🙂

So, in the end, I decided to give this another go but using brown leather instead & mixing the studs with pearls. I think the effect is quite good actually! What say you? 🙂


Written by Zen