Ooops. I thought I’d set an automatic upload function to do daily posts on my behalf but guess my tech skills aren’t up to par. Good thing I decided to check my blog mid-week! Sorry for the delay in getting these posts up but on the bright side, you’ll get 3 Designer Inspired hacks today 🙂 The 1st one I’m featuring is this Mawi inspired ring. I don’t own anything from Mawi (yet!) but I do love their accessories 🙂 This is the ring we’ll be DIY-ing today:

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 12.19.32

The key to a designer looking DIY is in the quality of the crystals- when there’s such a huge rhinestone involved, it’s best to go with the best, so I’ve chosen Swarovski 🙂 Unfortunately, my local shop didn’t do such a big Swarovski so I’ve decided to re-create the bling effect by gluing smaller rhinestones together instead. 20141029_054429 Here’s the supply list: – ring (preferably one with a flat base attached, but if yours has a hook on the top like mine, don’t go off to buy another one- we can always remove it with the wire cutters 🙂 ) – either 1 big rhinestone with the metal claw setting or 3 smaller ones to glue together: whichever you choose, just make sure the rhinestones are suitably BLINGY – 2 studs – E6000 20141029_054656 20141029_054807 Step 1: Use the wire cutters to cut the hook off the ring. There will probably be some rough bits left on the ring, so use the wire cutters to scrap it all off till you have a flatter surface. It’s actually good that the surface is not 100% even as E6000 works better on rough surfaces. 20141029_054517 Step 2: Place each rhinestone into its respective holder then close the claws over the stone (Liike the top left claw in the leftmost stone above). You may need a pair of pliers to do so but make sure you’re not too rough as you don’t want to chip your stone. (If you’re not skilled with the pliers, wrap your pliers with a cloth first.) 20141029_05484320141029_054935 Step 3: Apply E6000 to the longer side of each stone and stick the 3 together, then glue on 1 stud to each side. Leave to dry. Once dried, apply E6000 onto the back of the rhinestones and stick onto the ring. Make sure to cover the part from which you’ve removed the hook. What do you think of you new “Mawi” piece? 🙂


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