When I visit other DIY sites, 1 question always comes to mind: “Would this project actually work?” (Particularly when it involves glue) As a fellow-DIYer, I must say it’s very cynical of me but oh well :p And whilst I try to only feature projects that I know can be used/ will last, sometimes I do make mistakes too 🙂 So every now and then I like to share the results of my projects with you guys- both the good 🙂 and bad 🙁

Anyway, took these guys to Marseille with me as they’re so easy to wear and versatile- they went with all the outfits I packed, from beach wear to Michelin star dining 🙂 they went everywhere with me- shower, sleep, sightseeing… even for my daily dip in the pool 🙂 (basically, I just didn’t take them off) And what’s the verdict?

E6000/ earrings: 5

Swimming pool: 0

Compliments: still waiting :p

So yes, I am definitely an E6000 convert now! At least when it comes to gluing metal coated plastic on metal.


Written by Zen

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