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So this is rather an unusual DIY tutorial for me 🙂 It’s the first time I’m DIY-ing a beauty product. I’ve actually been thinking of doing a beer wash for ages- ever since my Thai friend told me about it over 10 years ago- and we all know how Thai girls have such nice, thick, shiny hair right? I actually forgot all about it till I passed Lush the other day and saw their beer shampoo which sells for USD29.95 for 16oz- OUCH! According to the (4 starred) reviews on the website, the shampoo is for “dry or fluffy hair that needs to be tamed” and gives you “volume, softness and shine.”

So I decided to hit the local Tesco and came back with a 4-pack of Budweisers. Basically, you want a normal beer with more hops if possible- the protein in the hops helps produce that shiny, glossy look we’re going for. I don’t drink beer but if I did, the Budweiser Super Bowl Clydesdales advertisements every year would make me a die-hard supporter so I thought I’d show some support now- plus it was on promotion 😛



Here’s what you do:

1, Leave the beer at room temperature. (What does this mean exactly? Now that it’s winter, room temperature is pretty cold- should I heat it up to summer temperature??? Anyway, for the 1st trial, I just left it to November temperatures :P)

2. After shampooing your hair, pour the beer over your hair and leave in for a few minutes.

3. Wash out thoroughly- you don’t want to smell like a bar- and follow with conditioner.


The next day, my hair did look shinier. It wasn’t suddenly shampoo commercial hair, but it was noticeably better. In fact, a friend complimented me on it over brunch 🙂 Unfortunately, 2 days later, it was back to regular hair (I wash my hair everyday so maybe that’s why?)

Oh and MOST IMPORTANTLY, no one sniffed me and made a face 😛

Also, it’s pretty cost efficient- you can get beer at £1ish per bottle!


Would I do it again?

Yup, definitely, thinking of incorporating it into my haircare every month 🙂 (Currently very basic- shampoo & conditioner, that’s all!)

Written by Zen

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