So, this project was a little expensive. I had to use 2 strands of Electro Plated Agate and they were Not Cheap. Still, I’m sure I saved a TON compared to buying the original. Which you can’t even get now since it’s vintage!


Here’s the complete list of what you need:

– 1 strand of electro plated dagger beads, small (Mine were agate but honestly the cheaper you can get them, the better. No one can even tell they’re agate after plating! And they kind of make the necklace heavy. I’ll need to try these on a night out and let you know if I get neck-ache!)

– 1 strand of electro plated dagger beads, long

– small silver beads (There should be 2 more than the total number of dagger beads)

– 2-4 crimps (2 is enough but I used 4 for extra safety due to the weight of the beads)

– 2 black ribbons (You can use chain but I think the black ribbon is a nice contrast to the roughness of the beads. Used the ribbons from old Selfridges bags here! #upcycle)

– plastic coated metal wire

– pliers & wire cutters


Step 1

Line up the beads in the order you want to string them. I suggest 5 small ones followed by 3 long ones but this would depend on the total number of beads you get from each string. However, there should be more small beads followed by fewer long beads (e.g. 4 small, 2 long or 5 small, 3 long….) As you can see, I didn’t have enough small ones so at the beginning and end of the pattern, I used fewer small ones- you can’t see them once they go behind your neck anyway!

Step 2

Thread 2 crimps onto the wire then fold the ribbon in half over the wire. Thread the wire back into the crimps then use the pliers to flatten the crimps. Make sure they are flattened well- there are special crimping pliers if you’re not handy with the normal flat-nosed ones 🙂 Cut off any excess wire.


Step 3

Now thread 1 small bead, followed by 1 electro plated bead, with the electro plated beads going on in the order decided above. You NEED those small beads, if not the dagger beads are too big to sit flat once you finish this necklace and tighten both ends. I tried to cheat and ended up having to redo the necklace and tutorial 😛 Actually I should have taken a picture of the wrong result for you guys to see! Will remember to do so next time (Still have some dagger beads left) This wasn’t an issue for the original Valentino necklace as the dagger beads had smooth sides.

(The way around this problem- and not using the small beads as spacers- is to leave some empty wire between the end of the dagger beads and the tightened crimp. i.e. the crimp is not tight against the dagger beads. But I do think that looks rather unprofessional and not worthy of a Valentino wannabe!)


Step 4

When you’re done, finish the necklace the same way you started (with the 2 crimps and ribbon folded over the wire)

Now let’s see how strong your neck is 😛 How we suffer for fashion!


And this one is the real thing!

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 17.20.18Image courtesy of fashion.1stdibs.com

Written by Zen

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IIII like this also. Can you do a DIY for a matching necklace. Waiting in anticipation thereof. Thank you


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