Confession: there are actually tutorials for these earrings online already. So, you might think, there’s not much value in me featuring this and I’m just being lazy. (Hey, I won’t deny enjoying a break from time-to-time but there IS a purpose to this post :P)


1. I think the difference in size between the 2 pearls is a key to pulling this look off and, so far, the tutorials I’ve seen don’t give guidance on this. Here I’ve used 0.4 and 1.5 cm (diameter) pearls but, to be honest, I think a larger size differential would be more dramatic. Maybe 0.4 cm and 2cm??

2. The other tutorials stuff the plastic into the pearl- which I think is an AMAZING idea- but it depends on the availability of pearls with large enough bores. Some pearls have smaller holes! So, I’ve provided you with an alternative 🙂

3. They also require a ready pair of pearl earrings- here we make our own 🙂

4. I have an interview this week and I need some interview-worthy accessories. I’ve actually been having a hard time finding clothes & accessories for my interview- maybe I should do a series on Interview Fashion for this blog- what do you think?

Anyway back to the project. To get started, make sure you have:

– Either a pair of small pearl stud earrings OR 2 small pearls & 2 earrings studs)

– 2 large pearls (for elegant all-white), 2 large black beads (for a reverse effect) OR why not 1 of each?

– 2 plastic earring backs

– E6000 & a toothpick


Step 1 (Optional):

Cut each plastic backing into half- you now have 4 plastic backings, enough for 2 pairs. 20141103_001108 20141103_001125


Step 2:
Use a toothpick to apply E6000 to the earring stud then glue the small pearl on. Make sure the hole is parallel to the stud (i.e. the 2 holes are facing left & right, not up)


Step 3:

Use the toothpick to apply E6000 to the larger bead, black or otherwise. Stick the plastic backing on such that the hole of the plastic backing lines up with the hole of the bead. This way, when you secure your earrings, the “pin” goes through the plastic & bead for more security.

Now you’re ready for your interview! 🙂


Written by Zen

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