OMG at £22, I must have been crazy to get this! But I caved because I had been craving my Tony Moly lip tint, and since I wasn’t planning a visit to Korea anytime soon, I figured at >40x the price, the Benetint should at least be as good, right?



What I liked about the product

It smelt like roses! (In contrast, the Tony Moly (TM) lip tint has no smell) It also has the same watery texture as the TM lippie, making it easy to spread. I’ve read some reviews that complained it set too quickly and was too dark as a result but that wasn’t a problem for me. Quite the opposite in fact!

When applied to the cheeks, it did create a nice natural flush (but not better than the TM one)- and I’m not a big fan of touching my face, which you have to do to spread the tint or you’d look like a clown.


What I disliked!

I had been expecting a tint that gave me a nice strong lip colour (as the TM product did) but this was not it. In fact I could barely see a different with and without it! OK, if there were 2 pictures side by side, it’d probably be noticeable, but the after did not make me look better, which is what make-up should do! (I’ll try to do a before and after shot for the blog soon) Perhaps it might work better on someone with naturally pale lips. (Mine are pretty dark.)

Who would I recommend it to? To be honest, at this price, no one. But if you don’t mind forking out, get it if you’re looking for a VERY natural finish on your lips- so natural I’d wonder why you’d want to apply anything at all :P- or a nice blush on your cheeks.
Would I get it again? I think the No is pretty obvious, yeah?

Written by Zen

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