Hello! It’s been a while since i posted- sorry for the break in the 365 days of daily designer DIY uploads but I was rather ill a couple of weeks ago and needed to do some medical tests. Am much better now, so catching up on blogging backload. AND am also prepping a store of articles so that there will be no break in blog uploads if something ever crops up again 🙂

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Price: £80 from Liberty’s (Fave department store in London!)

So today’s review is about the Omorovicza Balancing Moisturiser. In case you’ve not heard of Omorovicza- I certainly hadn’t before i tried their facial!- it’s a brand from Hungary and their facials regularly make the Top 10 London facials list due to a special massaging technique- which I must admit to being sufficient impressed by to go back 2x! (I was lucky enough to get a redeemable facial, and this was 1 of the products they recommended for my skin. Facial review coming soon too 🙂 ) Moreover, their products are said to “harness the remarkable healing and anti-ageing powers of Hungary’s mineral rich thermal waters.” I had no clue (at that time) if it worked, but sounds too good to resist huh? You can find out more here: http://www.omorovicza.co.uk/?___geoStore=omorovicza_store_uk
The facial massage was amazing, and the lovely therapist kept promoting the benefits of the Omorovicza line (I believe her exact words were “you’ll have perfect skin if you use their products” LOL) so I decided to be a sucker and give it a try 😛

Official product description

Cooling and light, this balancing moisturiser absorbs quickly and helps to regulate the production of sebum.  A gel cream, which keeps skin hydrated throughout day, without leaving it shiny, tight or dry. Suitable for sensitive, dry and combination skin.

– Pineapple and rosemary extracts help to reduce pore size and clear dead skin cells enzymatically
– Apple pectin provides long-lasting hydration and restores suppleness
– Ruby crystal minimises the appearance of fine lines and imperfections
– Mineral Cosmetology, a patented mineral delivery system, leaves skin firmer, more supple and younger-looking

What I thought

To be honest, extremely unimpressed. For £80 for a regular-sized bottle, I expect visible results after using up the whole thing. But nope. In fact, whilst the product didn’t break me out badly, I still got zits from time to time whilst using it.

What I liked

It had all the nice ingredients to help control oily skin- I could smell them- but it didn’t dry out my skin. Having said that, it didn’t do anything for oil control. Neither did I see a reduction in pore size…. Hydration and suppleness? Yeah but nothing more than a regular (more affordable!) moisturiser.
What I disliked

The price!

Also, the pump! Sure, a pump is great for everyday use (I used 1 pump for each application) but when you are reaching the end of the bottle. because of the viscous nature of the moisturiser, it was impossible to get the rest out. I tried setting it down on its side- even having it upside down on a cotton bud for 1 day didn’t result in much of it flowing down (that’s how viscous it was :P) And it’s not just a little bit- I managed to get over 2 weeks’ use from the bottle (after the pump stopped being effective) before I gave up on the whole thing.


If it was given to me for free, yeah why not? I’d use it 🙂 But to pay £80- nope!

Did i use this with other Omorovicza products?

I paired it with their radiance serum, exfoliator and BB cream but all were used quite irregularly. (Reviews for those coming soon too)

Would I buy it again? 

Probably quite obviously it’s a no yeah? 😛

Random fact: they are very stingy with samples BUT if you spend £150 you get 1 full-sized product free (at Liberty’s)! (Choice from a selection). I thought that was not too bad a deal 🙂

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