I feel like I’m a in a Meeeehhh phase- I’ve been giving quite a few Meeeeh reviews lately 🙁 (Maybe my friend had a point when she said I’m hard to please :P) After hearing about how the Shu Uemura Tsuya serum delivers results in just 7 days, I was hoping this product would change that but no luck there!

What Tsuya is about

Before buying this, I’d never given Shu Uemura skincare much thought as I’d always seen it as a makeup brand with skincare as an afterthought (apart from their cleansing oil of course). However, after taking a Nude Make-up class with them in which they heavily promoted this line, I thought I’d give them a chance and bought this! So what exactly was I buying? (Besides hope in a bottle :P) According to their website:

“flawlessly even and smooth skin texture. soft as a petal, plumped, toned, ideally translucent glowing skin. the ideal skin preparation for a beautiful make up”

They also have all the right keywords- “cellular biology” (doesn’t that sound so impressive? :P) “miracle molecule” “secret of Enjur flower’s longevity” (reminds me of L’occitane’s Immortelle range here) ” self-regeneration” yada yada …

So it was with much anticipation that I started using this. But I was disappointed almost from the word Go. I don’t know about you but I HATE these drop applicators- they are so difficult and time consuming to use! I always had to draw the serum up twice as the 1st attempt to suck up the liquid with the pipette would never work 😛 In the end, I ended up just directly pouring the serum out of the bottle which, as you can imagine, led to a lot of wastage  (but saved so much time!)


However, when I applied the serum onto my skin, I was impressed. The iridescent liquid did look rather magical and so I kept my fingers crossed 🙂20150220_142912

Did it work? 7 days, 70 days

7 days later… my skin looked the same. But I was willing to persevere and so I diligently applied it twice a day till the entire bottle was depleted. Up to the end, I didn’t notice any improvements to my skin. So that’s another wasted beauty buy then. 😛

Would I buy it again?

Tons of other beauty products in the sea babe 🙂 So No 🙂 But if you want to give it a try, it’s £53 from Space NK:


Written by Zen

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