This blog isn’t dead after all! 🙂 Contrary to appearances, I haven’t quite given up on it 😛 In fact, I’ve been working on a new (read: prettier) site which I hope to launch soon 🙂 Here’s a sneak peak at some of the beauty reviews you can expect to see (…soon?) 🙂


i signed up for a Clarins package at Fenwicks (New Bond Street) and the really lovely & really nice therapist, Natalie, gave me this pack as a present! Awwww…. (Pssst: they were having a buy 4 get 2 treatments promotion over Easter, if you hurry it may still be on! :)) My fingers are already itching to do a DIY for that white pouch the products came in!



Ren is a brand that I’ve just recently discovered, courtesy of Liberty’s redeemable facial treatments 😛 I’ve been for those so much these year the SAs actually recognise me now!!! (Ooops!) I’ve yet to start on any of these products- I was actually looking for the conditioner (recommended by a friend) but they were out of stock 🙁 – so can’t wait to try them! Already, what I really like about this brand is the prices are so affordable” I had to buy the 3 products below to make up the >ÂĢ55 facial price- with some other brands, you hit it with just 1! Oh and the 3 little tubes were the samples they gave me 🙂20150123_105610


I have NO idea why i took a photo of the side of the box but not the front!! 😛 Sadly, I’ve already ditched the box in an effort to spring clean so we’ll have to make do with this picture. It’s 1 of the 3 products I got from Aurelia (again, another redeemable facial :P) I discovered Aurelia when Liberty gave me a bag of products to try and in it was an Aurelia night oil sample. It was my 1st time trying the line and I really liked it- it was started by a lady from GSK who felt that probiotics isn’t just good for your digestion- it also works wonders for your skin! I have combo-oily skin but the Night Oil worked so well for me I couldn’t wait to try the products! Unfortunately, post the facial, I had a small breakout so I’ve been loath to try the products I bought (barring the body oil shown below which is REALLY expensive for a body product 😛 (ÂĢ48!!! The cons of a redeemable facial- sometimes to make up the minimum amount you end up buying a crazy product!)


Mane & Tail


Every time my friends walk into my shower and see this, they ask if I’ve taken to using the same products as my horse (I’m a big time horse-lvoer 😛 but sadly no horse of my own yet!) 😛 Despite the packaging, it’s actually a cult beauty product!!! Even my DAD has heard of it- he was actually the first to bring it to my attention, but there’s another story there 😛

So… to see if any of these products actually work, log back in sometime this week! 🙂


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