So it’s another food post today 🙂 Have you noticed that I tend to blog in phases? First, it was a spate of sample sale posts, then the flurry of DIY tutorials, next the beauty reviews and finally we’ve moved on to food 🙂 (Also note, it’s Tonkotsu (ramen) and not tonkatsu (fried pork cutlet)!!! I always get them mixed  up :P)


Now that soup certainly looks like it lives up to the rich & creamy rep of tonkotsu soup. But somehow… it just wasn’t satisfying. Don’t get me wrong. If there are no other ramen shops around and I’m craving ramen, Tonkotsu will do in a pinch. But if there was an Ippudo or Shoryu nearby, it’d be no contest 😛

The Tonkotsu slogan is “if you don’t make your own noodles, you’re just a soup shop” but er…. isn’t the soup the best part of ramen?!? (Although al dente/ firm & thin ramen is also important!)

To sum up, the soup was decent, the ramen meh (despite the slogan- i only ate half of the noodles!) & overall I can take it or leave it. If you don’t believe me, head down to Selfridges and try it yourself 🙂 (Be warned, it’s bar seating so not the most comfortable!)



So, in a deliberate effort to break my Meh streak, I trawled through my photos till I could find something I actually liked! And here it is: Shoryu Ramen (9 Regent Street) I’d actually heard about Shoryu from 2 (Asian) friends- I specify Asian because Asians and non-Asians often have different expectations when it comes to Asian food 🙂 1 liked it but the other didn’t so it wasn’t high on my priority list of places to visit. I was passing the other day and decided to give it a try- and it was pretty good!!! Maybe not quite as good as Ippudo (Duh!) but definitely better than Tonkotsu (Selfridges- they used chicken breast!! wwwwww so dry!!). So I went in about 2 pm on a weekday and got a seat no problem- they placed me by the window which was nice and bright but a bit squishy (like most ramen bars) Being a huge chilli eater, I chose the Karaka Tantan Tonkotsu (£11.90)- I’d also had the spicy Karaka at Ippudo so wanted to have as equal a playing field for comparison as possible. 20150311_134348 Looks yummy, no? And it was too 🙂 (Excuse the dead person’s offering presentation of the chopsticks!!!)

I really liked the soup! (I can drinks bowls and bowls of soup, hold the ramen! :P) Sadly, no char siu included 🙁 Being a glutton, I also ordered a side of shishamo. The sticks made it a bit tricky to eat in a polite manner! 😛 (Note: Shoryu has quite a nice selection of side dishes- definitely a few I’d like to go back to try!)20150311_134352 Would I go back? Definitely! It’s not a place you go for the ambience or anything, but it’s definitely affordable (for London) yummy food- 1 of the better ramen places in London if you ask me 🙂 Makes me feel like having another bowl of that broth now! 🙂 Next ramen place I want to try: Bone Daddy!!!

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