Yes, I’ve decided to give Liberty its very own series in my blog 😛 That tells you just how much I love it & how often I go for 1 of their treatments. (2 interlinked factors :P) But hey since the treatments are redeemable, they’re a real bargain! 🙂 After all, we all need to top up on a product every now and then, no? It’s also a great way to try new brands, and Liberty always has such off-the-beaten-track ones! 🙂

Well.. OK Aveda’s not really off-the-beaten-track 😛 But their other brands are! 🙂

So this was actually my 1st time trying an Aveda treatment. I’d tried their products before, but never regularly (It was always the freebie at a gym or something) so the only product of theirs that I was familiar with was the Comforting tea which I just posted about and LOVE. However, to be honest, I’ve always been a bit skeptical about their hair and body products- Don’t know why- so I’d always booked treatments with other brands instead. Nonetheless, last week, my muscles were killing me and this was the only brand doing a body treatment at Liberty’s so I decided to put down my £60 and give it a go (redeemable against 2 products on day of treatment) 🙂
First impressions

Not great. I tried booking the Indian head massage but was told they no longer do it. Why then do they keep it on the page advertising this round of treatments??  (I checked back a week after and they still hadn’t removed it :P) Unlike the other treatments, this one started with me filling a form. The therapist was also busy when I arrived, so we ended up starting slightly past the treatment start time (Sorry I’m finicky about things like that :P) On the plus side, they offered me Comforting Tea whilst I waited 🙂

The actual treatment…

was OK but nothing great. The therapist was nice and friendly but I didn’t fall asleep or feel particularly relaxed post treatment! Also, we ended up 5-10 minutes early (usually the other brands end on the dot). I wouldn’t be that picky if I had felt super good post treatment, but since I just felt OK I’m a bit quibble about getting my money’s worth when it comes to time 😛


They are waaay more restrictive than other brands! You can only use the £60 on 1 section of products. I’d originally wanted to use it for the tea but that was a  no go. In the end I got the 3 things you see above- Stress Fix bath salts £31/32, Shampure and Blue Oil.  They also gave me 2 samples (Smooth Infusion and Stress Fix Body Lotion). I asked for facial samples- as I have sensitive skin- but apparently they don’t stock them.

So far, I’ve only tried the Stress Fix and it actually smells much better in the bath than when tested! Nonetheless, at £31 a tub, I’d need to think loooong & hard before getting it again.

Conclusion? I will try booking other brands before Aveda as it’s just not as good value- but I wouldn’t rule it out in a pinch 😛

Written by Zen

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