Before you think I’ve lost my mind (or won the lottery), I would NEVER pay £10 for a cleansing mitt. Well not unless it gives me perfect skin 😛 This mitt was the gift for spending £150 at Omorovicza Liberty. (That’s the best part about shopping at Omorovicza Liberty- they give great gifts when you hit £150 so wait till you need a few things before you go! I’ve gotten a full sized body scrub as well as a full-sized facial cleanser before 🙂 )

So, did this mitt give me perfect skin? To be honest, it seems no different from any regular facial cloth! So I wouldn’t recommend it for £10! (In fact, you can read the blurb on its back for yourself- it talks about why Omorovicza products are generally good but nothing about why this mitt is so special 🙂 )

Written by Zen

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