If you don’t know about Bicester Shopping Village yet, it’s definitely time to check it out! I used to be a super indifferent dresser (still lots of room for improvement now I say!) but after exploring all these outlets in UK & Europe, I’m a convert to the saying “there’s no excuse to be badly dressed!) Anyway, back to Bicester, a shopping outlet about 1-2 hours outside of London (near Oxford to be precise). Here’s why you should check it out:

1. It offers discounts on many labels, from the high street Reiss & Ted Baker to the high fashion Gucci and Valentino.

2. Some people assume you only get discount on past seasons (nothing wrong with that I say- a nice dress is a nice dress forever!) but you actually save on the new collection too! Admittedly those discounts are more like 30% and not 70% but it’s a good place to check out if you need to be on-trend all the time.

3. During sale time (Summer, winter and mid-season such as March), discounts can be AMAZING. The 1st tme I went to Bicester (Non-sale season), I could barely find anything to buy (I want VALUE buys!!). The 2nd time I was there at the end of the sale season and could barely carry my shopping home! E.g: I paid £50 for Moncler boots- normally a couple of hundred quid!!! (Although I now regret buying them as they give me horrendous blisters- so bad that I wonder if they fit ANYONE?! Lol Maybe I should offer them for sale on this page- only worn them a couple of times due to those blisters!)

Anyway… before I get sidetracked, there are a couple of ways to get to Bicester:

1. Car. Duh. Your GPS can tell you how to get there better than I can

For this of us not lucky enough to have wheels, there’s also:

2. Train from Marylebone £32 off-peak


3. Shopping Express Bus £28

My recommended option as it’s not only cheaper than the train, it gives you a VIP card which offers a 10% off on non-sale items, excluding 1 or 2 boutiques such as Prada. Pick-up points are near Victoria, Marble Arch and Gloucester Road tube station. Get your tickets here (sadly no commission for me- really should explore affiliate links!):



If, for some reason, you really, really want to go by train, here’s how:

1. get the train from Marylebone to Bicester Village. It’s such a popular destination they even have signs on the ticket machines!


2. Once at Bicester Village train station, take the shuttle bus to Bicester Village (it’s waiting just outside the station, you can’t miss it)


3. Don’t forget to check return train times!!

Last Bicester tips before I say goodnight:

1. If you’re planning to shop a lot, use hands-free shopping. it costs around £8 and the boutiques deliver all your shopping to the Customer Centre. (You still have the problem of carrying those bags home- so think about bringing a trolley case. You can even buy 1 in Bicester LOL)

2. If you’re not on the Shopping Express, pop into the Customer Centre before you hit the shops. Sometimes they have promotions where holders of certain credit cards are entitled to the VIP card too.

3. Have fun!

Written by Zen