Lately I’ve been suffering from hair envy. Due to communication issues, I ended up with hair 3 inches shorter than I wanted, and 3x as high maintenance as I had requested. Although I’ve finally stopped bursting into tears (kidding), I’ve not stopped surfing Pinterest and sighing over all the models’ lovely long locks. Many have beautiful floral dos, which inspired me to try to re-create the springtime look.

However, the thought of buying flowers just to put in my hair horrified the thrifty person hiding (very very deep) in me. They wilt very quickly! Only good for one use! So I thought why not DIY it? #wherediymeetstherunway after all

IMG_4805What you need:

  • bobby pin
  • Flower
  • Glue

I recommend making at least 8 if you want to re-create the do!

IMG_4806Dab some glue onto the back of the flower then hold the pin down onto it (top/crooked side of the pin facing down)

Make, admire, repeat!

IMG_4807Isn’t it gorgeous? Come back to see how I’ve styled it in my hair- just waiting for it to grow out a bit…. (waaaaah!)


Written by Hapiness, Everywhere

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