So, a week before graduation, I made the colossal mistake of going for a haircut. And due to a series of errors, ended up with 4 inches shorter hair than I had wanted. (I guess lob does sound a bit like bob…) I’d always rolled my eyes at girls who cried at the drop of a bad haircut, but upon exiting the salon found myself perilously close to doing so. I was so depressed I couldn’t even shop! 😛 And, I found that the saying “dress for your hair” really has truth to it! My old earrings all looked weird on me 🙁

It was time for a new DIY. Especially with grad ball coming up 😛


To make this uber chic and sparkly pair of bling bling earrings, you need:

– E6000

– pliers

– 2 jump rings

– 2 lengths of box chain (I used 5 cm but you can adjust the length to suit your face)

– 2 pairs of earring studs, make sure the backs look like below (have holes to attach the jump rings to)

– 2 metal studs

– 2 large rectangular Swarovski rhinestones (they’re sold as flat backs with metal casings)

– 2 medium rectangular Swarovski rhinestones (I miscalculated and put 3 in the pic!)

– 4 crystal AB round Swarovski rhinestones

– 2 crystal round Swarovski rhinestones


Step 2:

Arrange all the parts (except the jumo ring, box chain and earring studs) in the above pattern and use E6000 to glue them together. (Might be wise to have a toothpick on hand to get rid of any glue that gets onto the stones).

Once the glue has dried, turn it over (so that the crystals face down), apply glue to the back of the earring stud and press down.

IMG_4165 Step 3:

Use the plier to open the jump ring, thread the earring back and box chain through then close with the pliers.



Written by Zen


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