You know those metal rings you get at stationery shops to hold documents together? I’ve never known what to do with them but this weekend, i had an epiphany. They’d be ideal as key rings! After all, not only are the ones from housing agencies ugly, they’re usually really difficult to open as well. I normally lose half a nail trying to get a key on or off! These rings have the right amount of give to be easy enough to open, yet firm enough that you don’t have to worry about losing your key.IMG_4813What you need

  • silver document ring
  • 3 colourful wooden beads
  • 3 headpins (and possibly 3 seed beads if the bores on your wooden beads are big)
  • jump ring
  • pliers

Oh and your key of course! 🙂 Although you can make these just for the fun of it, they’re so fast to do!


Step 1

Thread the wooden bead onto a headpin. If it slides out, thread a seed bead on first then the wooden bead. Use the pliers to make a loop at the top (trim any excess wire off).

Repeat this for all 3 wooden beads then open the jump ring and thread all 3 loops (at the top of the wooden beads) through. Close the jump ring.


Step 2

Open the document ring and slide the jump ring through. Follow with your key(s). That’s you don!

IMG_4818 IMG_4821

Written by Hapiness, Everywhere

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