I don’t think DIYs need to be complicated to be stylish and I think anyone can make something, which is why I like to focus on quick and easy DIY projects. Having the attention span of a butterfly, all the tutorials here are 15 minutes or less. And if the item can be versatile enough to be used for more than 1 thing, so much the better! 🙂 This 1 takes like 1 minute!

Growing up in Singapore, the strong Peranakan culture left me with a deep appreciation of filigree work and I love buying filigree pieces from bead shops. (You should see some of the traditional Perankan jewellery pieces.) I think they’re the perfect way of dressing up a simple project so I decided to use them in this filigree bracelet cum hair elastic tutorial.


What you need:

  • 1 filigree piece (available from most bead stores)
  • Colourful elastic thread (I think the brighter the better to contrast with the filigree metal piece
  • Scissors

Step 1

Wrap the thread around your wrist 2 times and cut the elastic off. Cut a 2nd elastic that is the same length. Fold 1 thread into half so that the ends meet as exactly as you can make it. Mark where the centre of the 2 halves is. Repeat for the other thread.

IMG_4629 IMG_4630

Step 2

Insert 1 end into the hole at the end of the filigree piece till the metal is over the halfway mark. Make a knot in the thread as shown above.


Repeat with the other thread at the other end of the filigree.


Join the 4 threads together and make a knot. Be careful to ensure that the threads are all flat against each other and that 1 is not longer than the others. Trim off the excess thread or, add little seed beads at the end for an accent.

Note: yes, the thread seems excessive but don’t be stingy & skimp. I tried that and it made it impossible to tie the knot! Admittedly I have big fingers, but tying knots needs more length to manoeuvre than you think!


Quick, isn’t it? Make more with different coloured threads so that you can layer it up 🙂 For other easy-wear, easy-to-make bracelets, check out:


Written by Hapiness, Everywhere


Hapiness, Everywhere

Thanks so much Natasha 🙂 All the knots are only tied once 🙂 (including the knot at the end). Basically because of the type of knot + elastic thread, it’s quite secure but you can always dab on some glue if worried 🙂


I I LOVE all your diys – no tools. FInd them very useful and easy to make. Over the weekend, I managed to make a few as birthday presents for 3 birthday parties that I have been invited to.


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