A couple of years ago, the Erickson Beamon Rose Garden was pretty hot. Unfortunately, so was the price tag (USD$1100) and so it inspired quite a few cool DIY tutorials 🙂 Nice as it was, it wasn’t quite my style so I never created a necklace DIY for it. However, I was looking at it again recently, and I was inspired to create this rose crystal earring DIY. Hope you guys like it too 🙂


Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 18.47.53

My creation


What you need

1. 2 rose beads, about 2-3 cm across (Avoid roses that are too big as the weight won’t allow the earring to sit well

2. 6 Swarovski AB crystal flatbacks

3. PVC plastic

4. E6000 or some other glue

5. Scissors

6. 2 earring studs & backs

Step 1

Lay the crystal and rose in the following pattern


Step 2

Apply glue to the back of the rose and crystals and stick it onto the PVC. Repeat for the second rose, ensuring there is enough space between both roses then allow to dry. (At least 12 hours)


Step 3

Once dried, cut the PVC according to the shape of the rose and crystals. Turn over so that the rose faces down, apply glue to the top of the earring (top of the rose) then press the earring stud firmly down. Repeat for the other side



If you don’t have PVC on hand, recycle and old file or name card holder!

Written by Zen

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