Don’t we all love freebies? I certainly do! Except, whilst this product was free, I had to pay £60 for a facial to get it…. So… not exactly free? Basically, it was a redeemable facial (against 2 products) which, in my mind, I’ve mentally filed away as “free” to avoid shopper’s remorse.
Luckily, I actually really like this product! It’s the 2nd best body oil I’ve tried- the 1st was 1 I bought from a hammam in Morocco which was so awesome smelling, a guy behind me commented on it on the bus! (very dodgy, I know!). I even briefly thought of substituting this for perfume but whilst it’s OK/ sweet-smelling enough for daytime, I think it’s slightly too herbal to replace scent on nights out. It is quite light- not very viscous- absorbs really well into the skin and doesn’t leave a greasy feel … although, maybe it absorbs a little TOO well- the bottle goes really quickly! When I used it every day, half the bottle was gone in a week! Admittedly, there is a lot of me to oil…. 😛


However, this product can also be used for bath and hair- and presumably lasts longer then! 🙂 You have to use it sparingly on your locks though, or it will weigh it down! This is one of the few Aveda products that I would buy again, but not all the time, as it just doesn’t last long enough.

Written by Zen


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