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This is the mask (for troubled skin) that started my love affair with Korea & Korean skincare. I first visited Korea for a childhood friend’s wedding, suffering from TERRIBLE skin. In Myeong Dong, I picked up an eyeliner from Baviphat and they gave me a sample of this. (You get sample sachets or, if you’re lucky, big samples like you see above!) I was pretty skeptical about the skincare portion of the brand as:

  1. it didn’t look scientific at all (too cutesy)
  2. I’d never heard of it!

However, I was desperate so I tried it. When I woke up, I didn’t notice a difference but my friend (without prompting) said my skin looked less red. I immediately went to buy a full size version. Isn’t it cute? I use it to store beads now 🙂 And all for the bargain price of £5!

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Maybe I should start by explaining “sleeping mask” i.e. basically a night cream- you apply it after cleansing at night and don’t wash it off. Don’t expect to use this and wake up the next day with a completely clear face but it definitely helps speed up the zit drying up process (unfortunately by bringing out the zit head!) Normally my zits stay forever under the surface but this mask really helps them clear faster! It also helps reduce the redness of old scars. And it comes in a cute apple container!!!

Unfortunately, after using it for a year or so, it stopped working on me 🙁 But in the year I used it, I had really nice, really clear skin. Ahhhhhhh…. bliss. Darn now I really miss Korea after writing this post!

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Don’t believe me? Here are some reviews from my old customers when I used to sell Korean skincare! 🙂

Review 2 by Ina
“I’ve also tried the Baviphat apple AC Therapy mask, just finished the first sample sachet and I’m amazed coz this is like the first time ever that I put something that smells divine on my face without getting bad reaction like itching or redness! Like I’ve said before, I’ve a sensitive and acne prone skin. I’ve just got back from Lombok, Indonesia and it was so hot there (such beautiful beaches, though). Putting on the mask at night really cooled my face and reduce the sunburn!”
Review 3 by Adeline
“I tried the (Baviphat) Apple mask on Sat and I think I really like it! Like ur review, though I don’t wake up with a clear face, but it definitely looks clearer and the bumps seems smaller :)) Am quite excited about Baviphat products now.”

Written by Hapiness, Everywhere