If you’ve visited my blog before, you may know that i’m a fan of Dr Sebagh. I’d actually never heard of the brand before last year, but when I heard that he was Cindy Crawford’s Doctor, I just had to try it out (no harm done by the fact that Liberty was running a redeemable facial promotion! :P)

I’ve found several products that I love from this brand- the Breakout Spot on (Zit cream), the Deep exfoliating Mask…- but, sadly, For Your Eyes Only (Puffy Eyes Cream) just didn’t float my boat. Which was a pity, as I had been so excited to find it! Like most Asians, I have single eye lids (the dreaded monolid) which are heavy and puffy. Urgh.


According to the Dr Sebagh website, this helps puffed-up eyes and dark circles as well as smoothing and firming the skin around the eyes. Instyle voted it the “Best Eye De-Puffer” and Daisy Lowe gave it a thumbs up. Excited!!!!

Sadly, it was all a load of hogwash. Despite the hefty price tag- £45 for a tiny 15 ml bottle- I bought 2. Finished the 1st, no change. I thought perhaps it needed more time and started on the 2nd. I’m now at the bottom of that tube and there is NO change in my eyes. Sigh! What I suspected has now been proven right, magazine awards and celeb endorsements are just as dubious as stock rating agencies! (Think Lehman crash and financial crisis…)

Was there anything good about the product?

The lotion was absorbed easily and didn’t give me milia, which many heavy eye creams do. No smell either. I liked the pump function as 1 pump was just nice for both eyes. (Don’t you hate it when you either have to half-pump or pump a gazillion times?!)

Would I buy it again? No.
Would I use it if given free? Yeah, why not.

Note: I have seen some 5 star reviews for this product so I guess it does work for some people- those reviews tend to be for dark circles and older people with wrinkles around their eyes- I wasn’t looking to address those concerns so maybe that’s why I don’t like the product 🙂


For stellar Dr Sebagh products that I have repurchased, I totally recommend the Breakout Spot On cream 🙂 The serum & face cream is not bad either 🙂


Written by Zen