I’ve heard tons about the wonders of Hyaluronic Acid skincare and, as you may know, am a big fan of Dr Sebagh, so when they were running a promotion on their professional size Serum Repair, I just had to get it!IMG_4557

Packaging: Just OK. Dr Sebagh’s products have very clinical/ boring packaging. But, hey, they work! They’re usually quite functional so that’s great. For example, this serum has a dropper, which I normally hate as I find it so slow to use. However, this dropper actually works! One squeeze gets you just the right amount for your face. Unlike the Shu Uemura Tseya serum…. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze and NOTHING comes up. Bleurgh!

IMG_4565 IMG_4564

Product review

However, would I get it again? Maybe! If they’re having a promotion. That does sound a little contradictory, doesn’t it! The reason is, I’ve now had an epiphany and realised that even though I don’t see any results doesn’t mean the serum isn’t doing anything. It could be helping my skin age better rather than improve it right now. (Actually, given the number of breakouts I’ve been having- not related to this serum as they started a long time after I began using this- this serum might have anti-aged me right back to adolescence. LOL) Moreover, I don’t really suffer from lines at the moment which could be why I don’t see any difference. (Nothing to be envious about- I still don’t have fresh-faced skin, although I do have the spots of a teenager 🙁 🙁 🙁 )

Last words before I go?

The size is pretty small! Actually it’s a decent/ normal size, but given this is the PROFESSIONAL size, which is meant to be huge…. it’s not! 🙂

Product available at Liberty’s & Fenwicks in London. I totally recommend booking one of the refundable facials at Liberty’s! You pay £50 and, after the facial, can use that money towards 2 products. (Mind you, most of their products cost over £50!) Vivian, the lady working for Dr Sebagh at Liberty’s, is a real sweetie 🙂


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