Having been left so let down by the Sisley Youth Protector, I thought I’d do a review on a sunblock that is now only a fraction of the price- almost 5% in fact!- at £6.50, this Innisfree sun cream is a real bargain. Innisfree is my very favourite Korean skincare brand. It’s affordable and tries to use as many natural ingredients as possible. My favourite perfume was from Innisfree- Sweet Touch of Joy- but sadly it is no longer in production 🙁 (Korean brands tend to change their products every few years.) I wish I could fly to Korea now to stock up on all my current faves!

Containing organic sunflower oil, it not only has a high sun proaction factor, does not result in breakouts, but also spreads quite easily without leaving a white cast. Moreover, it doesn’t feel too oily- although not 100% matt due to the high SPF- I personally feel it does not leave as much of an oily sheen on the face as the Sisley one did. (The cream actually looks a bit more yellow in reality than it does below) No wonder it has a 100% recommendation rate on the Innisfree website! 🙂
Photo 1- arm without sunblock

Photo 2- arm with sunblock

Photo 3- arm with sunblock rubbed in (I personally can’t see any difference between this and without sunblock)

However, unlike my VERY fave sunblock, this version does not control oil. Innisfree also does an Eco Safety No Sebum sunblock which is pretty effective at keeping oil production down- the only downside is they had to reduce SPF to 35 to allow for that! I’m pretty surprised the No Sebum sunblock is still around- as mentioned, brands usually pull products off the shelves after a while- so it’s a sign of how popular that sunblock must be 🙂
Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 10.10.59

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