What a name! Aquaringer makes me think of ringworm?! Added to the fact I’ve never heard of the Korean brand Leaders, I normally wouldn’t pick this mask sheet up- it looks just a little dodgy! However, it was recommended by my Korean friend, E, and we all know what good skin Koreans have! I swear, it’s not just their actresses and celebrities, even the average Korean off the street has pretty good skin!!

And their products really work: i used to have a terrible breakout but after trying the Baviphat Apple Sleeping Mask, my skin actually COMPLETELY cleared up. (I have stopped using it now and, alas, the zits are back 🙁 ) I wouldn’t have believed it if my friend didn’t point out that my skin was less red after just 1 night, and after using up 1 tub, even I noticed my skin was clear! I loved Korean products so much, I started selling them online 🙂 But not anymore, as it’s difficult to get them into the UK (tax and all)

Anyway, back to this face mask sheet. E had always had clear skin but it wasn’t very radiant. After the winter break, her skin looked much more brilliant and, when I complimented her, she told me it was all due to this Aquaringer mask which apparently was the new bestseller in Korea.

According to the back, the mask “intensively hydrates dry skin leaving bright and youthful skin.” As with other face mask sheets, you use it after washing your face then leave it on for 15-20 minutes. Once finished, tap in the essence (do not rub it in- the rubbing action is bad for your skin.) This mask is actually quite expensive for a Korean mask, as you can get them from £0.50 and up- this one cost about £2! But good skin is priceless, isn’t it?

I actually find the fit of this mask better than SK II’s facial treatment mask, although it may not cover the whole face for some people. After using the mask, my skin felt more hydrated, which I really needed during winter (even oily skin gets dehydrated).  However, it didn’t do anything for my zits (and to be fair, it doesn’t claim to do so.)
Recommended for people with dry & normal skin. For oily skinned peeps like me, I would only use it when your skin needs a pick-me-up- everyday use would be too much.

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they have the AC dressing mask from the same brand, which is the one I like using to clear my face up from the odd pimple that surfaces from time to time. Definite life saver.

Actually, most products from Leaders Insolution is pretty good and though it’s not the cheapest, it sure is one of the most effective I’ve tried.

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