IMG_4414Would you believe I’ve never tried Lush products before? I’ve heard all about how they’re oh-so-natural – and smelt them from a street away when outside their shop!! – but somehow never felt particularly drawn to them. Luckily for me, my cousin gave my Mom some Lush goodies for her birthday and my Mom shared them with me 🙂 Having recently discovered the awesome-ness of baths, I decided to try the Lush Avobath Bomb after coming back from 2 hours of horse riding – my muscles were killing me after not riding for 2 months and I really wanted a looooong soak.

I must say, after trying the Bath Bombs, I am a Lush convert! Even though I may not pay £3.35 for a regular bath for myself, they make such pretty and useful gifts!! I didn’t need to visit the Lush site to know that the Avobath contained lemongrass- the bath bomb smelt ever so fragrant, a scent that lingered even when I put it into the bathwater. Even cooler than that was that the whole bath tub turned green! Quite a nice change from the colourless bath salts I’d used previously.

Although the lemongrass is meant to be invigorating, I found it relaxing too, and the avocado in it helped my skin remain hydrated. Next time I’m looking to splurge, I’m going to get enough of these Bath Bombs to fill an entire jar! Wouldn’t they look pretty through the glass? 🙂


Written by Zen

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