There was a problem with Lush Products. Having been given a box for my Mom’s birthday (subsequently re-gifted to me), I found that you have NO clue what everything is as the box is sans instructions. There was a guide, but it was a guide for ALL their products- which makes trawling through it just a little tiring. Resulting in me using this having no clue what it was- I figured a bath salt was a bath salt and dunked the whole thing in the tub.


It was really cool as when I put it in bubbles started coming out of it, it smelt delicious and there were some bubbles forming once the entire thing dissolved. This is in comparison to other bath salts such as the Lush Avobath which is purely just for a soak. (i.e. no bubbles)

However. today I finally found The Comforter in the Lush guide, googled the name (as the book doesn’t come with instructions), and realised that you only need HALF a bar for 1 soak. GRRRR money waster there! Admittedly not mine since it was a gift, but still…. In addition, maybe because I just put it in instead of crumbling it in, the amount of bubbles was DISMAL! I would hardly call it a bubble bath- more like a bath salt with a few bubbles!

I guess to fully review this product, I should get another one. Although it could have been prevented if Lush just had clearer product names and instructions. Moreover, instead of making 1 product for 2 uses, why not just halve it and sell it for cheaper? Once you’ve broken it into half, The Comforter is a little difficult to store- most of us have tiny bathrooms! – still loving my first experience of Lush though 🙂


Written by Zen


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