Summer was here and my feet were in awful condition so I made my Mom faithfully promise to send me the Tony Moly Shiny Foot Peeling Mask which we had tried together in Korea when I first started selling Korean products. I remember how amazed we were by all the dead skin that fell off our feet. She dutifully promised- perks of an only child!- and, in due time, I received a box of foot masks. Imagine my surprise when I opened it and it wasn’t a peeling mask but a paraffin mask! Hmmm.

Well, I guess now that I have them I had better try them. First things first, read the back. I’d tried several brands of foot masks- Etude House, Holika Holika, Skin Food, Face Shop, Innisfree, It’ Skin.. you name it! After all, a good retailer of beauty products should try them first no? Pity I don’t sell anymore :P- but not Mediheal so I wanted more information. Everything seemed pretty standard… moisturises… softens… use often blah blah. Considering each were over £2, using the recommended 2-3 for 4 weeks would set me back a pretty penny and I wanted to be sure before I commit.IMG_4570

When you open the packet, you get this rectangular white thing. Unfold it and you get a weirdly shaped huge paper. Split down the line in the middle to get 2 socks!

IMG_4571 IMG_4572

Open up each sock and slide your foot in. Make sure you foot is in between the wet parts! Each sock has a plastic covering and then the moisturised sock inside- so it has like 4 “pages” and there should be 2 covering each side of your foot. Leave on for 20 minutes, remove then rub in the remaining essence.


You can see my pretty nails through the sock 🙂 Resting comfily on this quilt my Grandma made 🙂

20 minutes later…

I DON”T like this mask! The whole time I had it on, there was this really weird chemical smell- the smell of the essence/ lotion in the mask- which made it difficult to relax. I was wearing it whilst doing a DIY tutorial and every 5 minutes I’d catch a whiff and break stride! (And NO they were not the whiff of my feet!!!)

After removing the mask, my feet were a little smoother, but not much. There was no difference between using this and just rubbing in regular moisturiser. Except the cost! It was definitely nowhere as a good as the real paraffin treatment at the pedicurist. Although much more comfortable 🙂
So much for “best foot mask”! (According to the Sales Assistant!)

Plus points? 

Convenient packaging – because the 2 socks are joined, the lotion doesn’t leak and the outside of the plastic is dry- but that’s not unique to this product. All Korean foot mask are easy to use!

And this one isn’t even cute! I want my money back! (This Soo Beaute hand mask was much better!)


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Written by Hapiness, Everywhere