Why the hell did I buy this product??

That feeling of regret’s what happens when you don’t ask the price before you buy! I’d signed up for a redeemable Sisley facial at Liberty’s and was choosing my 2 products. Silly me forgot to ask how much the 2 products were before paying- I mistakenly assumed all skincare brands charged about the same prices for their products- but boy is Sisley in a league of its own. This night mask set me back £145 quid (and the sunblock another £100++) Oh dear, that goes the budget! I guess I could have said No at the cashier, but I felt bad as the SA had already rung the sales up!

Never mind, I thought. If it could clear up my breakout, it would be £145 well-spent. After all, a clear complexion is priceless, don’t you think? Unfortunately, when I went back to Google the product, it doesn’t seem to be an acne- treatment solution!


According to the Sisley website.

“Botanical D-Tox is a month-long detoxifying nighttime treatment that works during the most favorable time for cellular regeneration to combat the signs of fatigue. Highly concentrated in plant extracts…

It promotes cellular detoxification…stimulates the skin’s natural defenses against oxidative stress … and provides a boosting action … the complexion is brightened, signs of fatigue are reduced, the face’s features appear rested, and skin is left radiant. ”

Uh oh. Well, I’d already paid for it and maybe the SA is on to a secret I don’t know? I dutifully tried the night cream for 4 weeks and nadah, nothing changed. I still had spots and my skin didn’t look any more brilliant. I was left £145 out-of-pocket and feeling slightly cheated by the SA at Liberty’s for promoting this as a solution for troubled skin!

Other details about the product

The cream is quite light, so I was actually concerned it wouldn’t be hydrating enough for my skin as the SA said to use it immediately after washing, sans serum. However, it was OK, and my skin didn’t become dry using it alone.


One negative is that it smells quite sharp and medicinal- like a not very pleasant mint smell. (Apparently it has lots of essential oils which are meant to relax you but I didn’t find the smell soothing at all.) It’s not a bad smell, just not… nice, if that makes sense

Any good things about the product?

The pump is exactly the right size so 1 pump is just nice for 1 application. Don’t you hate it when the pumps are overly generous and you end up wasting some cream every time you use it? Not so with this.

Would I buy it again?

No. In fact, it’s just sitting in my bathroom drawer after the 1st month. Since it didn’t deliver, I needed to find something else to control my zits before they scarred! (I will end up using it eventually- it did cost a bomb!)

Would I use it again?

Yes, to finish it up and make me feel better about spending so much! And yes if Sisley wants to give it to me free- I can always tell myself that the skin improvement will come…. eventually 😛

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Written by Hapiness, Everywhere

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