One of my best friends is 45, but looks 25. One day, she posted a photo on Facebook and I said, oh I don’t remember you doing your hair like that. She replied: errr that was 20 years ago! In case you think it’s just me- when we go out, guys (pretty cute ones too!) in their 20s hit on her! So, I figure it’s universally agreed that she looks Very Young.

Her secret? She swears by sunscreen!


So I figure sun protection is the 1 thing I shouldn’t skimp on. However, this Sun Cream is RIDICULOUS. It cost over £100 for 40 ml- not even 50 ml!!!- £109 to be exact. I really should have returned it on the spot but I felt bad as the SA was pretty nice and it had already been rung up. My jar nearly fell when I realised the price- but I guess another reason why I didn’t return it is because part of me believes in value: so, more expensive product should equal much better product, right? Well, not really. Next time, I’m just going to thicken my skin and refund it immediately!

According to the Sisley website, thhe cream “helps preserve the skin’s ability to protect against the sun and photo-aging … UVA and UVB filters …. Anti-free radical action** …  protect the skin from oxidative stress, the principal cause of photo skin ageing… essential for their renewal …  maintain its optimum moisture level … moisturizing and nourishing … leaves the skin supple. Does not whiten the skin. Water-resistant.”


Here’s how the cream looks on my skin. I was actually debating whether or not to “waste” the cream by using it for a demo pic! But what is a beauty review without a photo of the product’s application.. ah well.. hopefully 1 day, this blog can earn me enough to buy the sun cream again 😛 You can see what the skin look like after rubbing it in below:


I will agree with the Sisley claim that the sun cream does not whiten the skin, which is a definite bonus, although not unique to the Sisley sun cream. However, after application, it does leave an oily sheen on the skin so one can still tell that sunblock has been applied- not ideal, and not very chic! Also, in my opinion, not excusable at this price!

On the plus side, the sun block did not give me a break out, as many other sun protectors do. There is a herbal, but not unpleasant smell, emitting from it. However, according to the back, you need to reapply every 2 hours. Can only imagine what my total “bill” (beauty expenditure) would be if I used this regularly!

In short, I won’t be repurchasing this sun lotion once I’m done- I could probably buy 3 or 4 bottles of another brand with the same amount of money and there’s no difference in the functionality (in my opinion). However, if someone wanted to gift me with a bottle, I’d be more than happy to use it 🙂

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P.S. For best sun protection, pair it with a hat! 🙂

expenditure) would be if I used this regularly!

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