I’m in 2 minds about SK II. I used to give it a wide berth because, not only was it SO expensive, it had a chromium safety scandal in China a few years ago. For more information on this, visit http://www.bjreview.com.cn/business/txt/2006-12/20/content_51357.htm

Hello?! TOTALLY unacceptable in any skincare brand, let alone such a premium one!

However, I was at a family dinner one day and noticed that my skin’s cousin had become a lot better. It was suddenly much more radiant looking so I complimented her. And she said that she’d started using SK II facial treatment essence! I was intrigued. A genuine difference in someone’s skin that I had personally noticed? That definitely gave the brand more credibility in my mind. OK, so effectiveness and safety are not interrelated- I guess you could say I was willing to compromise for beauty 😛 (Plus the amount of chromium was supposedly too little to be dangerous…) I promptly got her to buy me a bottle. Half a bottle later, I had noticed no difference nor received any positive feedback. The smell of the product soon persuaded me to ditch it.

A few years later, as age made my complexion less brilliant and other cousins hopped onto the SK II bandwagon, I was desperate enough to give it another go, this time in the form of its face mask sheets, which is one of the brand’s bestsellers and meant to improve radiance and moisture. (£60 for 10 at Harrods but you can get it cheaper online.) It’s 100% cotton and apparently the pitera complex is like an injection of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids. Certainly sounds promising. Key words in the advert were ” revitalize, comfort, and provide intense hydration.”


When I first opened the packet, it was nice and drippy. I like it when my masks feel really soaked in the essence. Some people prefer it dry but then I think the brand’s just skimping and holding out on me. After unfolding it, my excitement plummeted. The sheet felt very thick and coarse… well, cheap to be honest! If you’ve ever used Hanskin’s face mask sheets, you’d be able to feel the contrast. The Hanskin one is so sheer it really adheres to your skin. Too bad it’s only available in Korea! True enough, the SK II one felt like it didn’t sit well on my skin in comparison. After taking it off, my skin felt more hydrated- most face masks achieve at least that though- but not noticeably brighter.

15 sheets later, there’s still been no change so I won’t be getting this again. Just using my last one now before heading out for dinner. If I get any feedback, I’ll be sure to let you know 🙂


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