Growing up in a single parent home, we got used to having old things. When I was 8, mid-bath I realised the water filling the tub was BROWN! Ewwwwwwww….. The tub was brown and so I hadn’t noticed till I’d soaked for a while. After that, I swore off baths. (Apparently, the brown water was because the toilet was so old the pipes had rusted… but whatever, it was still gross!)

Happily, I can now afford a less ancient bathroom and, maybe because of age- or aching muscles- have given baths another go. I’ve ended up loving it so much, I’ve taken more baths this year than in the last 31!  I’ve only tried 3 products to date

  • Susanne Kauffman Oil Bath (£60 for 500ml) – my all time fave!
  • Susanne Kauffman (£32 for 300g)- bleh….
  • Aveda Stress Fix Soaking salts (£31 for 454g)- meh. unusual and pleasant smell, but nothing much to be said about it. The packaging looks cheap too!
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My conclusion? Bath products are freakishly expensive!! I mean, who can afford these products on a regular basis for relaxation only? (I tried googling as to whether expensive bath salts had any extra benefits but not much came up!) Right now, I’m focused on doing a bath oil/ salt DIY!!


This was the 1st Susanne Kaufmann product I bought and, frankly, I was extremely unimpressed, starting from the retail experience at Liberty’s. I’m sure we can all agree that SK products are not cheap and the brand is not as established as, say, Lancome or La Mer which most of us are familiar with. Having not tried it before, I asked the SA (politely & non-confrontationally) about the products & why the prices were so high – this was after she recommended a Detox Oil (Body) Scrub for £99. Her reply? Oh they last for a very long time- you only need to use 1 capful of the whey bath per soak and so each bottle lasts forever- and the bottles etc are all from Switzerland.

… Maybe I’m being a bitch but this seemed extremely illogical to me. Surely the amount of time each bottle lasts for would depend on how often you take a bath, since the amount you require- 1 capful- is fixed and not exactly a small amount? (I’ve since checked the website and it says 5-7 tablespoons per bath but I still go with the SA’s recommendation because it’s much more convenient) Given that I’ve used it 2x since I bought it, and it’s about 1/3 used up, I don’t think it lasts very long at all!

Moreover, having glass from Switzerland is all and good but unless the glass in Switzlerand has been proven to be better for one’s skin or I’m Swiss (and thus patriotic), why would I care and want to pay more for a brand just for that?! Maybe there is a deeper logic than what was expressed to me – the SA said she was leaving SK soon so she may not have been too interested in representing the brand well – but, at this price point, I expect the SA to be much more articulate and able to express the benefits of the brand that that!!
Anyway, I still had to buy the whey bath because I had booked a redeemable treatment and this was 1 of the most reasonably priced items they had!! Me and my weakness for “free” treatments 😛 The Whey Bath range has other options such as nourishing but I chose calming, purely based on smell. It contains lavender and lemon balm, so has a very tangy smell- it actually smells a lot like lemongrass! – and is supposed to relieve tension, calm and detoxify your skin.

The scent was definitely nice and refreshing in the bath – you can smell it from the moment you pour the powder out- but it faded too quickly. Moreover, it smells like lemongrass so I’m wondering what’s the difference between using it and just adding a bunch of lemongrass leaves to the bath…? 😛 When the smell goes away, it’s just like sitting in a tub of water, which isn’t particularly a turn-on for me- I’m a big aromatherapy fan!! To sum up, I don’t think this is a particularly great product!

On the plus side, the packaging is much better than Aveda’s! But I guess you are paying for it! 😛


At first glance, the SK oil seems the most expensive of the lot- £60 for 500 ml vs Aveda’s £32 for 454g. However, a little goes a long way. Susanne Kauffman recommends 30 ml with every bath- which not only means 1 bottle only lasts for 17ish baths but is way too much of a hassle. Who uses a weighing machine in the bathroom?? I’ve only been using 1 cap per bath and it seems to be more than enough 🙂 (I’m pretty sure that’s less than 30 ml given I’ve used it twice and the bottle is still barely touched) I figure this means that you get equal or more “mileage” out of this than the Aveda salts.
More importantly than that, the smell lingers better. When I used Aveda, the fragrance is strong in the beginning but VERY quickly disappears. I asked the SA about this and was told it’s because noses get desensitised to natural smells more quickly. However, it’s not very relaxing if you just sit in a tub of hot water, is it? I find the most relaxing is the aromatherapy bit! Moreover, SK is equally natural- using oils from the yang yang tree, patchouli and lavender- but the smell definitely lasts longer.

I have to clarify something though- when you first add the oil into the water, you smell nothing. Nada. However, when you sniff your skin after it’s been immersed in the oil-scented water, the aroma is awesome. It feels like you’re surrounded by a cloud of scent and that you’ll no longer need perfume! In addition, the fragrance of the bath water lasts a LOT longer than the Aveda one! After the bath, my skin felt softer but sadly the scent had gone from my skin 🙂 Maybe next time I should try washing before soaking instead of after…?

P.S. Not sure if you can see it, but there are dried herbs in the oil. What a nice touch!

Would I buy them again?

SK oil- yes! But not all the time, as it’s a bit too expensive 🙂 It’s definitely my go to for special occasions though 🙂

Aveda- no! too expensive for too little results! I would, however, use it if gifted with it 🙂

SK salts- worst of the lot! Not any better but most pricey!

Written by Zen

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