Yes for brunch, no for lunch!

A few months ago, I met a friend (E) & her friend (C). C is a chef (how cool is that?!) at… *drumroll* Chiltern Firehouse. I happen to be an avid reader of the Daily Mail (hey, everyone needs a guilty pleasure!) so I knew that it was the place where all the stars were spotted dining. (I think my exact words were “only people living in Timbuktu (no offence Timbuktu-ians) wouldn’t have heard of Chiltern Firehouse!”)

So… hype aside, what’s the food like? I’ve been for brunch once or twice and I really like their brunch menu. They have unusual items, such as crab omelette (see below). Now you don’t see that on many menus 🙂 Delicious too 🙂

20150113_085622 I have a big appetite, so I washed the omelette down with hash 🙂 Not as extraordinary but still good 🙂

Er.. and sausages…


And smoked salmon… (we shared!!!)


All in all, an excellent brunch 🙂 And they have freshly squeezed grapefruit juice too! Sadly, lunch left me wanting… review for that coming soon.

The ambience is lovely- even when it’s crowded, it never feels too noisy or stifling. Definitely a good place for a girly brunch and catch-up. They don’t allow dogs but in the summer, why not sit in the courtyard with your pooch? I really love the setting of the Chiltern Firehouse- the architecture and the feel of the place definitely makes you take a 2nd look!

Written by Zen

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