Liberty is one of my favourite places in London and my very favourite local department store. There’s just something oh-so-quaint about it, from the exterior to the products they stock. I love how you can always find in it a new brand, be it skincare or fashion. One of the things that I would love to bring home from Liberty is its range of Astley Clarke bracelets. They just look so dainty yet glam, perfect for the beach or a night out! Unfortunately, they also cost £200. I would never pay that much for costume jewellery! Good thing too since you can DIY it for under £2!

What you need:

  • really small seed beads (I recommend Miyuki if possible- you can’t beat the Japanese for the precision and consistency of its beads)
  • faceted glass beads, with an AB glaze (that’s the rainbow coating you see)
  • plastic coated metal wire
  • 2 crimps
  • clasp: use a magnetic clasp or an S-clasp if you can (I used a lobster one below and they’re a pain to fasten)
  • jump ring
  • Pliers
IMG_4825 IMG_4826 IMG_4827

Step 1

Thread a crimp and the clasp onto the wire then double the thread over the clasp, back into the crimp and press down hard on the crimp with the pliers. Don’t have too much wire sticking out- you can use a wire cutter to trim any excess off.


Step 2

Thread 1 miyuki bead then 1 glass bead and continue alternating till long enough to go round your wrist. To end, slide on a  crimp and a jump ring, double the wire back through the crimp and press down firmly with the pliers. Be careful not to press on a glass bead or you will shatter it!

The key to a professional finish is to make it as tight as possible: have the crimp, clasp and glass bead so close you can barely see a gap!

Update: closing the bracelet with the lobster clasp 1-handed was a real pain that I didn’t wear it much so when Sayila kindly sent me a magnetic clasp (Note: Sponsored!) I decided to make more of the bracelets with them instead. It is now MUCH easier to use the bracelets. Whew! To get your own magnetic clasp, check out:

Instructions: follow the steps above but substitute the lobster clasp with a magnetic one!


Wear singly or stacked. Personally, I prefer the layered look!

To REALLY look like an Astley Clarke, you’ll need to attach a charm to the clasp (so a magnetic claspclasp wouldn’t work). You can buy small charms from bead shops or check back in and I’ll show you how to make 1 with FIMO! 🙂 That way you can get the exact colours of the Astley Clarke charms 🙂


Written by Hapiness, Everywhere

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