One of the perks of blogging- besides you guys of course 😉 – is being sponsored 🙂 (Having said that, I now have to do the blogger spiel where I tell you that I only agree to sponsorships which I believe are aligned with the “Creative Living” theme of this blog. Honestly, it’s the truth! 🙂 ) The lovely bead company, Sayila, very kindly decided to send me some products for review:

IMG_4992Now, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE magnetic clasps but not every shop stocks them, sad to say. Which is why I was really happy that Sayila sent me one! And druzies are huge at the moment- I’d never done a DIY with one before, and was pretty excited. Sayila actually has a really good range of druzy pendants- which they label as natural stone- so do check them out! And I’m not saying this (just) because they’re sponsoring me! Before I received this from Sayila, I was actually looking for druzies as far as Brazil! So I’m glad I can save on that shipping cost! 🙂


I guess the most obvious thing would have been to attach a chain but I thought that was too much of a cop-out. So I had a little think about what to do, and decided to make them into 2 separate pieces. In this tutorial, I’ll be showing you how to make a lariat from the druzy 🙂


The front of the druzy has the nice jagged edges but the back is flat, which makes it sit more comfortably against your skin. I even thought of using it to make a headpiece but the shape was wrong (for my head). As you can see, the magnets are so strong, I had to put them on separate sides to prevent them from flying together!



What you need:

  • purple glass bead
  • 3 green glass beads
  • natural stone druzy (in green)
  • 1 m thick chain (get something thick or it won’t support/ look well with the chunky druzy(
  • 2 round end headpins
  • 1 jump ring
  • 7+ 5 cm gold chain (I recommend more chains for a thicker tassel but keep in mind that you need a bigger jump ring for more chains)
IMG_5244 IMG_5246 IMG_5247

Step 1

Open the jump ring with the pliers and slide all the chains onto it. Lastly, add 1 headpin. Close tightly

IMG_5248 IMG_5251

Step 2

Slide the 3 green beads on, then make a loop at the end of the wire. Slide the end of the large chain on then close tightly. Snip off any excess wire, but note that the loop may have to be quite big given that the chain links are so thick. It should now look like what you see in the photo below

IMG_5252 IMG_5253

Step 3

Use your pliers to open up the pendant hook and remove from the druzy

IMG_5255 IMG_5258

Step 4

Open the head of the other headpin then slide the druzy on before closing the loop tightly.

IMG_5259 IMG_5260 IMG_5261

Step 5

Slide the purple bead on, then make a loop at the end of the head pin and slide the thick chain on before closing. If there is enough excess wire, make it more secure by wrapping the excess wire around the headpin.
What do you think of your new lariat?


Note: In case it wasn’t clear from the above, this is a sponsored post!

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I simply fell in love with this druzy lariat with sayila – at first glance, the pendant looks like a
carved jade

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