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Earlier today, I just wrote about how much I like statement jewellery so it’s a little ironic that my next tutorial is for a dainty charm-style necklace. Well, unfortunately, my besties have very different styles from me and when I was thinking up graduation gifts for them, I had to veer toward the classic 🙂 This is one of the designs that I thought up, what do you think? The beads are easy enough to get at any bead shop 🙂


What you need:

  • old silver necklace, make sure it is with a thin chain as we want it to look dainty!
  • 3 headpins
  • Blue heart glass bead
  • Pearl bead- i use real freshwater pearls as 1. only the best for friends and 2. if you’re spending so much time making something, why skimp on materials? That was the advice given to me by 1 of the jewellery makers I met as a child (Ivory)- she really inspired me growing up 🙂
  • Butterfly charm with hole throughout
  • Small jump ring
  • Pliers

Step 1

Open the jump ring with the pliers and loop the necklace chain into it. So you do NOT insert the ring into a link on the chain! This way the pendant can move freely + you can use a daintier chain and don’t have to worry about the jump ring being too thick/ link too small. Close the jump ring firmly.

IMG_4533 IMG_4537

Step 2

Thread the heart charm through the headpin (if the hole on the bead is too big, use a sead beed to stop it from sliding off. Push the heart bead to the bottom of the headpin then make a loop with the remaining wire. Thread the jump ring through the loop then close tightly and you get the following:


Step 3

Repeat for the pearl & butterfly charm, You’re done! Less than 5 minutes, and you now have a great gift!


Styling: cushion from “And So To Bed”, chair from Habitat.

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