As a child, I always felt like I was too big. 5 feet 7ish isn’t tall in the UK but it made me 10cm taller than the average Singaporean girl- and much bigger than my dainty, petite and beautiful cousins. Don’t get me wrong, I liked being tall- in fact, I wanted to be 6 feet! – but I wished for a smaller build. For years, I was convinced that I couldn’t wear rings because I had what I called Man Hands. (I have the same sized hands as a guy friend of mine who is 6 feet!!!! 🙁 )

After a while, I figured that whilst I couldn’t wear every type of ring, some didn’t make my hands look as ginormous as others. I love huge rings, like the Audrey Hepburn and owl ones you see below which I picked up in Korea. There used to be a zebra one too but sadly I broke it 🙁 The other trick is to find rings that start as low/ close to the base of your finger as possible- this makes it look like your fingers are longer i.e. not so stout! Luckily I DIY, so I can control how the rings are set! 🙂
IMG_5287I bought all these rings whilst on a business trip in Korea!



Sneak peak into my ring collection. 
After a while, I ended up with a few too many rings! Which brings us to this “what to do with Old Rings Tutorial”. It’s really simple- you basically find an old chain necklace and string your old rings onto it! I would recommend a longer old necklace for this style.


If you don’t have any old necklaces to spare, you will need a long metal chain, 2 jump rings, a clasp and a pair of pliers.

Open the jump ring with the pliers, thread the last link of the chain through and close with the pliers.

Repeat on the other side with the other jump ring but add the clasp before closing.

Now you have your necklace- all set to string the rings!
IMG_5316 IMG_5318IMG_5980

What do you think of your new necklace? Any rings would do, really! You can use colourful ones like I did, or metal ones! In fact, when I used to sell my jewellery at bazaars, the metal rings charm necklace was 1 of my bestsellers 🙂 Probably because in a way it was lil 10 for the price of 1! (8 rings, a plain chain and a charm necklace, all in one!)

Written by Zen